Thursday, 11 August 2011

ILoveYouSoMuch *Bie

Thanx to u *bie,, :) Thanx so much,,! thanx for understanding of me :) hahaha~ walaupun *baby adew wat *bie marah dn curiga ta p percaya lahh *baby hanye setia ngn *bie,, *baby nk ckap "baby betoy betoy syng kat bie" ja d please trust me :) hihihi ;p for me u is sweet lahh,, :) u alway's side of me,, but,, u does't side of me if u with your friend's :) it's okeyyy ^.^
But,,! i'm just want u to know,, that i'm realy love u,, never forget our memorise time together lahh,, i alway's feel our love everytime :) hope u also okeyyy :)
Okeyyy *bie,, this only i can post about me and my hubby,, can't stories longer because our stories can share with me and him jew :) sorry ^.^


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